What is an engagement party?

Once your engagement news is out, everyone will want to congratulate a couple. And to throw a party for this seems more fun than just receiving a phone call, isn’t it? 

Engagement party is mostly for your families to get to know each other more and to introduce different friend groups to one another, besides from eating and drinking. When thinking about the theme of the party, make sure it will align with the vibe of your couple. 

This kind of celebration traditionally is held by parents of a bride. Nowadays, anyone can do this for newly engaged couple, so if some of your friends are willing to take it upon themselves, you should go with it. If anyone does not offer to throw a celebration in your honor, you can be in charge of it and host the event. 

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How soon is too soon to have an engagement party?

Assuming the wedding is a year or so away, holding the engagement party within the first two month would be a good idea. You will be relaxed and won’t be super busy with serious wedding planning just yet. It should come while the news is still fresh so it means soon after the question was popped out. But you do not need to rush it. The next day after engagement or next two weeks after can be not enough time to throw a party and can feel very unnatural. It is better to enjoy being engaged in just your own intimate world for a while.

Your parents probably knew that your love wants to propose before you did, so tell them ASAP about the news. Thus they will not be worried that something might go wrong. Then be sure to inform those who are your VIPs about the engagement. Do not wait for the news to start to spread. You do not want your close friend to hear that big amazing announcement from the hairdresser you both see. 

The most unexpected way to make an announcement will be at the party itself. In this situation it can be held within a month of the engagement. But your host will really need to think about the excuse why to gather all of the people together. 

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How long is too long to wait for the engagement party? 

There are some etiquette rules that for long engagements, engagement parties are held one to three months after the engagement, and/or about a year before the wedding. For others, it can be held any time more than six months before the wedding.

We in Milla Nova team think that to throw engagement party six month after is a little bit late. You will be focused on wedding planning and the feeling of the newness will flow away till then.

What are other things you should remember about the engagement celebration?

Guests will give you gifts for your bridal shower and wedding day, so the engagement party does not foresee any. And no one expects guests to say an official toast, though everyone will surely want to warm up your hearts with some sincere wishes.

For a traditional party (like one given by the bride’s parents), both families should definitely be invited, whether or not all members will be able to attend the event. If your parents don’t know each other yet, they should meet before the celebration in a relaxed environment. 

Your nails will be in the spotlight so make sure they look clean and neat. And while everyone will gasp at your ring, remember to greet everyone personally and chat with all guests.

And about guests: if someone is invited to your engagement party this automatically means that they will plan to attend wedding as well. If you have not created the guest list for the wedding yet, think of those who you will invite to the day X no matter what, and these closest should be invited to the engagement party.

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