A closer look at Milla Nova production capacitiesA closer look at Milla Nova production capacities

A closer look at Milla Nova production capacities

July 13, 2023

We continuously strive to broaden our reach and enhance our presence by expanding our presence in boutiques worldwide and extending our production capabilities across Europe. Recently we managed to increase our production facilities in Poland and successfully launched a new modernized facility in Romania.

New EU production facilities allow us to provide meticulously crafted high-quality gowns and jobs in Ukraine and abroad. By leveraging each country's unique strengths and resources, we have a significant advantage in logistics and production. We operate new skilled workforces and workshops with precise and efficient execution and have smoother logistics.


To ensure the highest quality of products, the company selects, and hires experienced professional craftswomen who possess exceptional skills while also equipping them with state-of-the-art modern equipment to ensure an ideal tandem between handcrafted and mechanical work. 


We respect sustainability and strive to make environmentally responsible choices. Our company is dedicated to minimizing waste throughout our operations, including creating our patterns. We employ cutting-edge equipment that assists us in achieving this goal.


As 95% of the company's employees are women, we take into account their needs doing everything to provide the most comfortable working conditions. For example, we provide children's rooms for those children who cannot be left with babysitters or taken to kindergarten.