When planning your wedding day you hear everywhere “ it is your special day” “this is all about you” and for the most part, we agree. But it is important to remember those who will be there to celebrate your special day with you, who will schedule for babysitters, book tickets and spend time and money finding wedding presents for you. 

Below we created some useful things to remember to notify your wedding guests before the celebration to avoid any kind of confusion or stress. 

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1. Timing

Not that your guests need a detailed schedule for the whole day but they surely need to know what time to arrive at the venue, when the ceremony and reception will begin. Add these details to your invitation as well as to your wedding website. Other things that may be mentioned are what time the first dance will be and when the cake will be cut, toasts etc. 

Another thing that considers people mind is when the dinner and the alcohol will be served and will there be any snacks. Think about your guests, especially those who travel from abroad to join the wedding. No one wants to starve for 2 hours and you don’t want to see your guests angry and hungry.

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2. Dress code and shoe details

Things like the formality of the invitations and the wedding venue should give guests clues as to how formal their attire should be but you should include dress-code information to the wedding website and tell via conversation by phone as it is against etiquette to address the dress code on the formal invitations.
Defining whether your event is black-tie, cocktail or casual will ensure that all of your guests are confident in their outfit and no one will be embarrassed by arriving at a black-tie reception wearing a casual summer dress or to a backyard barbecue wearing a cocktail gown.

The other important point is: what shoes to put on? If your guests are going to be walking on grass, rocks or uneven terrain please tell them ahead of time so people can pick appropriate footwear. Just imagine people are moving from the ceremony to the reception place through the grass and sinking in their high heels and elders ask for a random escort. Not the best mood booster.

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3. Sitting

Table assignments will relieve guests from thinking where to sit and who will be with them on one table. If you are attending a wedding where you don’t know anyone, then you will not feel stressful picking up where to sit.

4. Speeches

Speeches are one of the most moving and sensitive parts of the day and for sure remarkable. As the bride and the groom, notify guests that you want them to give a speech. Make a personal call to a person you want to say a toast or it will be even kinder to meet for a cup of coffee. And always tell a time limit for the speech if you don’t want it to be one hour of inside jokes. 

5. Location map

The wedding venue map should be put on your wedding website. All the difficulties which may appear while finding it, should be stated as well on the website and guests should be informed. 

6. Pre- and post-wedding activities

If you plan to have welcome cocktails the evening before or the morning brunch the day after the wedding, always make your guests aware so that they can plan ahead their time. 

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7. Accommodation

When having foreign or out of country/city guests attending your wedding you better reserve block of hotel rooms for them to stay. Or maybe your wedding venue has rooms so it will be even more convenient. Look for places open/courtesy blocks so you don’t need to pay upfront and you won’t be priced for free rooms. 

Share the name and address of the hotel, what amenities there are like a pool, fitness centre, breakfast and nearby places so your guests can plan some other activities. You should also display information with a link to the hotel website on your wedding website.

8. Provide with transportation info

To make the day go smoothly brides always choose a venue or church as close to the reception as possible. But still, if you need your guests to be transported take charge of it and provide them with options that suit your budget: taxi company cars booked, an Uber code that lasts all night or a shuttle bus that runs to and from essential spots. Many couples provide roundtrip shuttles from the hotel for their out-of-town guests but are sure to communicate all of the details so no one gets left behind.

Whether your guests are locals or travelling for your wedding, they want to know that they will have safe and convenient access to your venue and it is your task to make sure they will. It is not great for your guests to remember searching the wedding location for two hours, pay for the parking which they haven’t foreseen and then be stressed how they can come back home in the dark. 

If there is no free parking, notify people beforehand and maybe they will split a taxi or decide to go more people in one car to split parking fees.

9. Infants at the wedding

It is told that whether it is not stated in the invitation to bring kinds your guests should leave them at home. If children are not invited, try to avoid saying “no children.” Instead, the absence of their names should signal to the invited guests that children are not invited. Sometimes you can book separate party rooms for kids so that parents will enjoy the wedding. In this case, have a quick exit strategy in venue for those with infants or small children and make your guests aware of it ahead of time.

10. Guests

This may seem like a pure and somewhat absurd remark, but it is important to let your guests know whether they can bring a guest or if their significant other is invited. You can assume that a guest has a plus-one by including [Person name] and Guest on the inner envelope and including a blank space on the RSVP card for the guest’s name.
You can list the names of everyone in the household who is invited on the inner envelope of your wedding invitations. If a guest over the age of 18 lives in the same house, they should receive a separate invite. 

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 11. Gifts

List of gifts is very helpful to your wedding guests. No one likes to buy something that gets returned so a wedding registry makes sure that guests know their gift will be appreciated. They also ensure that you don’t receive the same gift twice or more. Instead of getting 4 coffee makers, you will get those fluffy bath towels, designer lamp and toaster you wanted. You can’t put information about gifts into invitations but you can put them in your bridal shower invitations as this is a gift-giving event. To those guests who won’t be on your bridal shower, you can send them the excel document with gifts and where they can put names in front of the list items. 

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12. Any other rules

The implementation of any rules means that you need to make your guests aware ahead. The wedding hashtag can be shared before to mark it to bridal shower party, to an engagement party and rehearsal dinner and it will be autosaved for a lot of your guests to the actual wedding day. 

One more example is when you choose to have your guests be unplugged during the ceremony and dinner. This is the ideal solution if you want your guests to enjoy the ceremony and celebration with you offline and not through the screen. Make a message on your website and share in private conversations.

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