Today we will take a look at a wedding photo and video trends. They still aim to capture all beautiful things of the day X such as the first kiss, the first dance, glasses raised for the toast, the vows, I do’s and the toasts, the face of the groom the first time he sees his bride, the progression of the first dance and the joy of family and friends, but in a simplified yet very memorable way.
Below we check on trends you need to pay attention to the wedding photography and video world so you would know what to expect from your photographer and videographer and what you can ask them.

1. Reportage photos

Thankfully days of traditional wedding photography with lots of posed photos, every family shot combination possible is gone as family portraits tend to be some of the more unnatural shots in a wedding album. Think a minute when do you ever stand in real life all looking in the same direction in a straight line, with perfect posture? Never, I bet. So say no to tension while making family portraits.

Today it is all about those natural moments, those candid shots and people just enjoying the day. This reportage wedding photography style, also known as a documentary, is all about photos that are relaxed and informal, which are capturing those little details, the emotions on your faces, beautiful moments and priceless reactions.

Ask your photographer to try unique locations, catch your guests hugging, chatting and being a family instead of moonlighting as models. 

One more amazing thing is to take photos of the wedding party separately and then create playful graphic grid designs in photo albums later.  This form of photography takes still photos and animates them, generally in a video set to your choice of music. You can do a series like this for a quick set of 10 to 20 images and put them all together on a wedding album page.  It is a nice gesture to provide all your guests, who put a lot of efforts and time for your wedding, with natural photos of them alone. 

2. Second-day shoots

Day-after shoots are gaining popularity with many wedding couples. Why? Sometimes things such as time crunch or lighting issues can appear. They are beyond a wedding photographer’s authority and it may limit the shots they get on “the day.” As a result, day-after photos allow photographers to shoot the happy couple in an alternate location apart from the wedding venue and gives the photographer additional time to find the most desired shots.

3. First-look photos

This popular wedding must-have has been trending for quite some time now and is still going strong. But today brides ask to memorise not only the groom’s first look but their’s father as well. This tradition has deep southern roots and is a very sweet moment during the day.

Wedding days are so busy and it great when girls can take a few minutes to spend time with their dads or other people who see her in the wedding dress for the first time. Some brides are having photographers capture their father’s first glimpse of them in white as part of the occasion, or as well as their mother or walking out to their bridesmaids if they haven’t seen her with the dress on yet. 

4. Wedding hashtag for social media

Some couples want to see the photos the guests are taking. We advise creating a wedding hashtag for guests for Instagram and Twitter photos so that you can experience your wedding through the eyes of guests afterwards.

5. Trending colours

A perfect example of gorgeous photography is to do them while taking a stroll early in the morning or at sunset time. You need no filters, just rely on mother nature. This is how you receive super-romantic pictures with the soft and warm light which flatters the couple.

Also, one more romantic thing to consider are film and balck&white images. They are perfect for both décor and portraits. But don’t limit it to just them, better consider it as one of the wedding photos styles you can have. 

6. Proposal shots

Those are not a “wedding day photography” but more and more grooms-to-be are hiring photographers to document their proposals so that the moment can be captured and showed many times over by the couple and shared with family and friends. We believe that to have the moment of going down on one knee documented and allowing you and your partner to see their reaction is priceless. 

7. No-iPhone trend

More and more couples are going unplugged for their wedding ceremony. It can be frustrating to some couples to have photos posted all over social media of the bride and her dress, the happy couple and fun selfies posted up before the day is even over. A popular trend is to ask guests not to post anything on social media until the day is over.

By going unplugged, you want your guests to enjoy and celebrate the day with you. You already have a photographer there, remind them of this so no cameras, no phones, no iPads, just family and friends being there and enjoying the moment with the groom and the bride.

8. Self-shoots

Couples looking to celebrate in a more relaxed and sociable way, with the focus on the people and guests, caring less about the details is the new must of 2020. The days of formal and traditional weddings are placed with more and more relaxed and informal wedding ceremonies and we expect this trend only to increase now. This change in styles and a more relaxed feeling takes us to our first photography point with the growth in documentary photography.

As a result, couples are more cost-aware and look to create beautiful and enjoyable memories of the day without costing them a small fortune. It is common for wedding couples to offer disposable cameras to guests as a way of documenting their nuptials. It is a cost-saving measure and allows guests to be an integral part of the festivities.

Some social-media-savvy couples are setting up “selfie stations” for their friends and family.

9. Wedding portraits

Brides are scheduling bridal portrait sessions in their dresses before the wedding day to take formal portraits of themselves. If you are spending all this time and effort on your look it is nice to document it properly. 


For 2020, there are few popular wedding video trends that soon-to-be brides and grooms should know. The wedding videographer industry will see a stylistic shift in how wedding videos are shot and edited to match the trends of the time. The shift will be toward wedding videos shot like movies, with the heaviest trend toward indie-film style wedding videos. The finished product of these wedding videos will mimic the quality of an independent movie. 

This trend is not surprising if we consider the goal of a wedding video. A wedding videographer seeks to tell the story of a wedding day, its characters, its conversations, its emotions. All these things aim to create a more personalized, more intimate memory of the couple’s wedding day: to remember not only the major moments of the day but the minor nuances that are easily missed or forgotten but mean the world to the couple. 

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