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Letter to all the fiancées

To all the brides who got their wedding cancelled or rescheduled because of the lockdown.
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How to be sure that your Milla Nova wedding or evening dress is genuine

Companies spend billions of dollars protecting and marketing their genuine brand image to ensure customers know that they are getting the...
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Wedding photography and video trends in 2020

What can you expect from your wedding photos and videos? What can you ask for? Read trends in wedding photos and video below.
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7 elements from the 80s that you will find in modern wedding dresses

All new fashion trends are inspired by old ones. Find out which elements from '80s we can find in wedding dresses today.
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Diversity of styles and silhouettes of wedding dresses

A full guide to different wedding dresses style and silhouettes in one place. Press to read!
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How to choose the ideal engagement ring

Looking for a perfect wedding ring for your love? Click link to read all aspects you should consider before purchasing this expensive jew...
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How to start preparing your wedding look and …

Read this before planning your wedding look!
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Veil for a wedding look: to be or not to be

Why it is fine not to wear veil on your wedding day? Click and read.
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Becoming a bride: five advice that will make your wedding day relaxed and calm

Wedding day is a tremendous events but read our tips how to make it calm and relaxed.
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Things you should remember as a bride while planning your wedding

Want to plan wedding on your own? Be sure to consider these things before!
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