If to describe wedding trends for 2020 in one sentence it will be: Everything new is actually well-forgotten old. 

Last year’s trends for the aisle were all inspired by the classicism and drama but for 2020 it’s all about new interpretations of those classics, fresh alternatives to ivory and as always inspirations from decades that past. 

Today, many of the brides are going for several outfits for their wedding days, like a wedding dress for the ceremony and something different for the reception. So from the latest must wedding accessories to effortless luxury and the new concept of bohemian, these fresh takes on volume, style, and silhouettes are what you should be paying attention when planning your important day. We gathered ten trendiest wedding dresses for 2020 from Milla Nova. Scroll down and read!.

Puffy Sleeves

Mantra for 2020 wedding dress is :

The more volume the better!

The love to voluminous sleeves is so big that in 2020 it is set to walk down the aisle as you are in 1980. A wedding dress with puffy sleeves may bring about visions of Disney princesses or Princess Diana. To diversify milkmaid dress for 2020, Milla Nova has positioned the sleeve below the shoulder for a look that’s more laid back than Little Mermaid.
Some more options are down!

Colour prints

Next season designers are all to add colour or interesting playful patterns which will be very loved by the untraditional brides.

Flapper Fringe

You definitely can wear something as amazing and fabulous as feathers on your wedding day because it is surely the one when you are allowed to be extra. 

This year we see a resurgence in 1920s fashion in the bridal market with designers offering modern takes on delicate lace, spaghetti straps, flowing silk tulle and tiny bead details.

Go max being minimal

Megan Markle undoubtedly took this trend to the next level with her completely stunning Givenchy gown. If some brides make efforts to go extra, tapping into all-over lace, embroidery, lengthy trains, volume in all its forms, and so much more, others are going minimal with no lace, no beading, and no excessive draping or volume. 

This look is for the bride who loves clean lines, sleek shapes, and architectural elements—in small portions. 

Built-In Belts

Accessories can make an entire bridal look gorgeous or totally break it. This makes built-in belts our favourite and very practical and yet interest and a touch of sparkle.

Dreamy Capes

Capes continue to be an accessory of choice for brides seeking an alternative to the traditional cathedral-length veil.

Off-The-Shoulder Silhouettes

Embrace an off-the-shoulder silhouette in 2020.

This classic bridal look remains a staple in 2020 with some updates like lined tulle, luxe edgings, and noble beadwork.

Big Bows

Bows are a quintessential bridal design element and in 2020 they’re taking up more space than ever.

Naked not naked

Sheer never looked so elegant and chic. This sexy silhouette of sheer yet fully-covered dresses still leaves little to the imagination but manages to feel sophisticated. From floor-length, long-sleeved, all-over ruffles to embroidery and embellishments, these styles take nearly-naked, sexy bride dressing to a whole new level.

Rock this look with the under-layers that suit you or experiment with this trend by playing with slips, lingerie, and linings that give the illusion of lightness, without bearing everything.

Tiered Skirts

You heard it here, first: Big skirts aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they’re getting downright ginormous, giving brides the classic princess moment they can’t seem to get enough of.
Add a veil (or don’t) and you’ll be ready to go.

Pleasant bonus:

And what about your husband-to-be? 

Talking about the grooms wear, the trend of tweed is growing for years now and will stay popular for 2020 weddings. Tweeds are now available not only in black but includes grey, earthy brown and red. The look can always be completed with penny collar shirts along with a baker boy style flat cap.