If you are a manager yourself or just love planning and can’t imagine for someone to be in charge of your important day. Maybe you have a wedding coordinator and still want to make some efforts from your side…
No matter what type you are, some wedding planning tips tricks gathered below will make you calmer about your celebration.

1.   Create a separate shared folder for you and your fiancé for all wedding-related things

To have all information in one place is already 50% of success while planning the wedding. Put there all inspiration pictures, contacts of vendors and their prices, budget spreadsheets.

This folder can be shared with your organizer as well. If you don’t want to have one because you are enjoying planning the wedding that’s fine. But at least hire someone for the day X.
And here why…

2. Wedding coordinator: yes

To hire someone on your actual wedding day will decrease stress level 100%. You should be a guest at your wedding, not the organizer. Your mother shouldn’t be the stuff as well. If it is not really on your budget, many offer really affordable one-day service.

Believe us, is much cooler to remember dances and fun about your wedding day then remember helping find that white wine bottle for your aunt from Australia.

3.    Remember that you don’t have to DIY all the things…or any of the things!

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Fun fact: making/doing things yourself is not morally superior to paying people to make/do things for you!

Also, if you’re not naturally crafty, DIY can actually be pretty expensive and time-consuming. It never looks as good as a couple imagined and you just end up being sad. You will inevitably make mistakes and have to buy more materials, and you’ll likely spend more time/money than you think on practising/redoing projects. (And then there’s the possibility that you’ll invest the time and money and hate the result, and just end up buying the thing anyway.)

So basically: figure out what your time is worth, take the time to really price things out, and decide what you’re going to DIY accordingly.

4. Budget for shipping, taxes, tips

A lot of the things you’ll want/need — like fancy crepe papers, 50 teeny tiny jars or custom stickers — can not exist on Amazon Prime, and instead, you will need to order from websites that seven-days delivery and $19.95.

So it’s worth it to calculate how much shipping and tax are going to add to the total price.

5. Plan last minute

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Though it’s not necessarily ideal and not everyone can get with it but holding off on booking your wedding venue until around two months before your desired date can save you up to 25%.

That extra money can go a long way toward your other wedding and honeymoon costs.

6. Don’t tell vendors it is your wedding where it is possible

If you ask someone to create a custom cake without specifying the occasion it will save you a few hundred dollars.
While buying or ordering things do not tell the celebration cause if you can.

7. Hair and makeup always take longer than expected

Always add thirty minutes to your time while getting ready in the morning.
Just secure yourself to be relaxed and calm.

8. Always add thirty minutes to timing

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What do we mean? If your wedding photos are scheduled for 4 pm, tell everyone be there 3.30you’re your bride squad needs to meet you at 8 am tell them to 7.30 am. This is one of the best time-saving tricks to make sure that people are where they need to be when they need to be there. And since late happens, a white lie or two won’t hurt them (and will ensure some buffer time for the late birds).

Don’t rely on everyone showing up to things on time.
Remember that every minute counts on your wedding day.

9. Walk on your wedding day the day before

By thinking about the day from your perspective, a guest’s perspective, and even the vendors’ perspectives, you’ll be able to prepare for all kinds of kinks and work them out in advance.

If you have a wedding coordinator ask her to walk you through all this the day before.
But don’t go and check on the venue the day before the wedding though we know it’s very tempting. You deserve to see it all beautiful and ready and the staff will be focused on preparing.

10. That one person

For the actual wedding day choose one person who will be your security&guidance&BFF and only yours the whole time.

Ideally, it is someone from your bridesmaid’s team who will remind you to drink water, who will know how to sew your dress just in case, hold your phone and care about another important stuff.
“Hire” your own security guard!

11. Confirm everything once again

About a week or two before the wedding confirm with all of your vendors and key players again or ask your coordinator to. Send out an email, your timeline, and your wedding day contact list to everyone involved.

Image: Milla Nova by Lorenzo Rossi collection

Remember that something will go wrong. No matter the amount of planning and effort you put into scheduling, assigning, and delegating—something will be forgotten, lost or messed up on wedding day. It’s best to know that in advance and do not let small inconveniences ruin your day X!