With so much happening before a wedding and with so much planning in the wedding involved, it is simple to let little but necessary things slip by. We talked with our Milla Nova brides what are the things they haven’t remember to do/plan/buy for the wedding day but which appeared to be essential. One bride forgot to count herself and fiance for the ride in a full bus and that was quite a surprise for the bride and groom to lack the sit.
If you are paranoid about forgetting something, check out the following checklist of “big and small” tasks which our brides inspired us to create. Maybe it will remind yourself of what still needs to be handled.

Photo by Eric Rothermel on Unsplash
  1. An overnight bag

As tired as you will be on your wedding night, you will still want to take off your makeup, brush your teeth and sleep in a pyjama ( of course if you will be able to sleep if you know what we mean). An overnight bag filled with all of your toiletries, medications and clothes to change the next morning, for example, are one of the most important wedding details.

  1. Contact person

Choose one wedding guest who will be your pick person. Tell everyone who needs to know. Tell that person exact words that she/he is your pick trusty. It is not the day to be bothered so let your crew handle everything for you. 

  1. Cash and IDs

You never know where your wedding night will bring you and what surprises wait for you so make sure that you have a small clutch with a bit of spare cash and your IDs. Put one of your wedding party members in charge of looking for your stuff through the night.

  1. Emergency kit

We dislike to say it, but accidents happen – spills, paper cuts, dirty stains on a dress or need to sew the dress. Create an emergency kit with your bridesmaids or wedding coordinator ( they usually know what to put there), with a few crucial wedding items – stain stick, sewing kit, double-sided tape, band-aids, tissues, tampons and dental floss are all important to include.

  1. Extra shoes

We hope that this doesn’t happen on your wedding day – a broken heel, but just in case it does, have an extra pair of shoes on hand. The possibility for you to wear them is very low, so they don’t have to be as amazing as your original pair, but just in case, you will be glad to have them on hand, for the foot of course.

  1. Extra shirt for the groom

Accidentally spilt wine or food stains can downgrade mood on a wedding day so prepare extra shirt in a case on emergency for the groom.

Photo by Mélanie Villeneuve on Unsplash
  1. Rain clothing

Bring a cute umbrella which will look nice in photographs and maybe a pair of rain boots just in case.

  1.  Invitation suite

You should remember to pack one full invitation suite and other stationery details like rehearsal dinner invites, shower invites, save-the-dates, that were mailed out during the engagement, and bring with them in the bridal prep suite the day of the wedding for the photographer to take pictures. Or you spend five hours picking the right tone of blue for the invitation card signs for nothing? 

  1. Chargers

When it comes time to get ready in your bridal suite on the day of the wedding, have your electronics charged and ready to go. Also, keep your phone charged overnight. You’ll want to have it ready to go as soon as you leave for the honeymoon.

  1. Write a review for the wedding team

The people that have worked so hard to make your wedding day dreams come to success are often forgotten once the big day has passed. The best thank-you you can give your vendors is an honest review online and an email follow up. Plan to carve out time to review your vendors within six months of the big day.

Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash