Pinterest is your best friend in wedding planning as a tool to gather ideas and translate your vision. Once you have booked your wedding and have a better idea of what is possible in your space, it is time to pin to your wedding boards on Pinterest. At this point, don’t pin anything too pinteresty or unrealistic. Pin things that are achievable for you to achieve or that will help you describe your vision to your suppliers.

When you share a wedding’s photography inspiration with wedding coordinators in the early stages of your planning, it eases work for both parties and helps to direct the vision in the right way. This will show the full picture of what you like and dislike about some of your favourite designs. Have you pinned an image because of the colour, look or shapes in the design?  

Below we created a small guide to smooth the process of pinning to your Pinterest wedding board for you so you will not get lost in all those numerous pictures. 

Pinterest wedding boards ideas

1. Identify your guide words

When thinking of a wedding mood board, the first thing that comes to mind is pictures. However, before you get to the picture-stage of your board, we advise you to start with descriptions! The first step in making a wedding Pinterest mood board is identifying guide words that describe how you want your day to feel: very private and chill or lively and wild? Romantic and tender atmosphere or a more active one? What will be the best look for the wedding: classic and elegant or princess and alluring? Or would you go minimalistic and green instead of big and colourful?

Also think about some questions which will provide you with your look of the day:
What season is the wedding taking place and in what venue? What does that location look like and how does that location make you feel?

2. Organise for the themes/ topics

Now that you have a vision of what your wedding looks and feels like in your mind, it will be easier to choose pictures for your Pinterest wedding mood board. All this pre-work helps you solve between ideas you are pinning because they are pretty and images you are pinning because they align with the kind of celebration you are planning. 

Begin by creating one board and divide it into sections with all topics for the wedding, this way you keep your thoughts and ideas organised. Or you can create different boards for different elements; your dream dress, your hair and makeup, bouquets, the candy bar, etc. These are particularly useful for showing suppliers what style you like so try to keep your boards as curated as possible. There’s no point showing your florist 50 different bouquets you like. Few pins on a similar idea, however, is far more helpful!

Stick to your plan and resist the temptation to keep adding. Remember not to overdo the theme.

3. Secret or not secret?

Decide whether you want the board to be secret. If you make a board secret, only you and people you share the board with can see the contents. And you won’t give your guests any hints about the wedding theme/details.

4. “Pin it” button

Amazingly practical, Pinterest is useful as a bookmarking system from the websites while browsing. Add the ‘Pin It’ button to your browser, and that way you can quickly and easily pin products, articles, or useful websites as you spot them, and come back to them later.

5. Final version

Showing suppliers a Pinterest board full of random ideas, will leave a lot of room for interpretation. This may mean you end up with something unexpected. So formulate one mood board with all your final decisions. That way, any time you are stuck on a decision, you can return to your board and see if it fits among your original vision.

Another point is that it is easy to get caught up in new trends and ideas mid-planning, so a central Pinterest board is here for you to stay on track as it really sums up your vibe for your day, venues, colours and textures to what you want to have. 

6. How to not use Pinterest

If used to compare your wedding to others, procrastinate on planning or second-guess your decisions, pinning can cross all the fun out of the process. Take it as inspiration like going through a magazine, and do not to get hung up on having the ‘perfect Pinterest wedding’, because that board does not exist in real life.

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