If you search for the photos hashtagged #virtualwedding or #zoomwedding you will see how big this trend has become. And we don’t wonder why! With little time needed to plan and with way fewer things to arrange it is the perfect plan to gather everyone you love together and celebrate your special day. 

The thing with virtual weddings is that you get a special moment no matter what your budget is. Almost everyone can come to it so there is no problem to schedule it a week before.

Almost every couple spends nearly a year to arrange the wedding but this pandemic showed us that no matter what circumstances, the marriage is not about food on the wedding banquet but about committing to your loved ones in the circle of your family and friends. All your loved ones will be present at the wedding and one thing that you will miss is the headache of all the planning stuff. Also if you met online then having the ceremony online could be cool continuing for you.
Here is our guide to what the soon-to-get-married-online couples need to think before making an online wedding.

1. Choose a streaming service

There are some most used ones, for example, Zoom or Google Hangouts. Be sure to test how they work and what do you need to arrange before sending invitations for all the guests. Check if you need to buy additional packages for a bigger amount of people and longer events if you will send them a link to connect. Also, you can livestream your wedding to a Facebook private event. 
You will need to establish some rules for your guests while there will be an online ceremony and more on this below. 

2. Organize any needed technology instruments

Brainstorm ahead where you will become husband and wife, we mean location at your living place. What device will you use? If it is a phone, you will probably need a holder for it. If it will be your laptop you should test different places where to put it and where you should stand. Please remember not to stand in front of the window as you will be dark on the camera. Good idea is to buy lightning in case it will be a gloomy day outside.

3. Check if your vows will be legal or just ceremonial

Most probable you can’t procure your marriage license until institutions are closed. Though in the USA some states now made it possible that when you get married online it is legal as well. In other cases, you have one more reason to have a celebration and create cool memories in these uncertain times. Whether your officiant will be your friend or a legal counsellor, ‘put’ them on a screen between you and as it could be in the outside world and let them marry you. 

4. Coordinate vendors if needed or order ahead everything by yourself

If you want to have a wedding cake, wedding bouquet, same candy bar for your guests this needs to be planned ahead but surely can be done in short terms. 
You need to be serious about your online wedding ceremony in many ways. Choose a celebrating outfit, choose music for the first dance, have the cake, pronounce your vows. If you plan to save the original dress for the live wedding event, you can find some pretty nice dresses from the Milla Nova evening collection on the reasonable price. 
The thing with online weddings is to stick to your original plan as much as possible to avoid FOMO. If you are not the planning type of a person, we are sure your wedding coordina­tor will manage everything for you and will be glad to. This will also be a great opportunity to support different small local businesses.

5. Provide your guests with written instructions

Set up date and time. Keep in mind time differences. Send everyone an invitation with the link and the password or invite them to a Facebook private event. It depends on you whether you want only the closest ones to be there or you can now invite even your abroad friends as they surely can attend your wedding online.
You can choose the celebration background for your guests in Zoom so that they can put it on the wedding background and it will create a feeling that you are in the same place. 
Send your guests the dress code and some other things you want them to be aware of. For example, you can ask them to be muted until the end of the ceremony or you make their microphone muted by default when you schedule the event.
Send them the preliminary agenda of the wedding so that they can plan their day ahead and some other rules you would like your guests to follow. This will save you from unnecessary stress when it will come to the beginning of the ceremony. 

6. Clean up space

Very obvious, you can tell. Though really make sure that your wedding room looks neat everywhere before someone of your guests will turn you on a big widescreen. 

7. Do your own makeup and hair

If you do not know or don’t feel confident about doing your full make up you are saved this year. Beach waves and natural look à la no-makeup look is so in trend still. In other cases, you can contact your hairdresser or makeup artist and maybe they can do your look online with you. 

8. Check internet connection

Seriously, it is crucial to confirm that your connection is decent. Even if you will be recording it, which we recommend you to do, the live broadcast can be annoying if your guests will miss on the most important moments. Test your connection a few times before the wedding.

9. Photoshoot

You don’t need to reschedule or refuse the photoshoot. Some photographers offer to take your pictures via FaceTime or other channels. Some photo­graphers come to your place in masks and gloves and can take pictures from 2 metres distance. 

10. Have fun and celebrate your love

And the last one but the most important one. No matter if your online wedding will be legal or you will still need to go to the counsellor to get the license, this is your day and you need to celebrate it. If you always wanted your special moment to be very intimate, you are not into details or huge ceremonies, but still want to get married, this is your time to do things how you want them. 

Making last-minute changes to the most important event of your life can make you feel angry and devastating but your wedding surely will be life-time memory not only for you but for all the guests. To make your loved ones feel more present send them flowers the same as in your bouquet; if you were having a signature drink then send them the recipe. You can also arrange small cakes for them as you will have. For the party, you can create and share the list for every guest so that you all will turn the music at once.
This wedding will surely be a lifetime memory not only for you but for all your guests but will save you from thoughts about that very salted salmon. 

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