Planning a wedding and choosing a wedding dress is intense for brides in general. Now imagine doing it while expecting a cute baby and when hormones can add to emotional roller coasters.

One of the biggest concerns of getting married while being pregnant is: to show or not to show on a wedding day that you are a soon-to-be mom?

Because to see a celebrity getting married in a sexy mermaid wedding dress with a baby bump outlined is normalized today and does not evolve scandal. But for a non-celebrity bride, it raises tons of questions and prejudices. Do I want to tell people I am pregnant? Should I hide or show my baby bump on a wedding day? What silhouette of dress to choose? How to choose a size of a dress?

Milla Nova team prepared some tips for brides who are in search of their ideal maternity wedding dress. Because you do not need to limit yourself in this unique period of life when looking for that perfect dream wedding dress look. 

Read below for advice on how to choose and buy the perfect wedding dress for pregnant brides. What to consider when looking for a maternity wedding bridal gown?

  1. Your comfort is your top priority. You will feel and look the best on your wedding day when being comfortable in your wedding dress. 
  2. We advise you to keep your look simple: no ball gowns, no tons of jewellery. Think that your baby bump will be quite an accessory itself. 
  3. When choosing a fabric, stick to the kind of mellow ones like tulle or chiffon, which will be soft, airy and flowing. You want the fabric to give you space to grow, and not tighten you and your belly. 
  4. Though if you feel comfortable choosing some stretch fabrics which will outline the shape of your body, then go for it. 
  5. To secure a proper fit we advise you to study the sizing charts provided for dresses you are considering. Call the bridal store to ask if they offer needed sizes, ask them to put yours aside before your fitting. 
  6. This way you are sure you will have what to try on, and the shop representative will know what to offer you and give you the best bridal experience. 
  7. The main point here is: just because you are getting married and are pregnant does not mean you should limit yourself when shopping for maternity wedding dresses. 
  8. Your belly usually will have grown a lot by the time you finally wear the wedding dress gown on the wedding day. Consult with experts at the salon how many centimetres to add to a wedding dress so that you fit in it before the wedding date comes. 
  9. With measurements taken and size chosen, order dress even one size bigger to secure yourself. The altering will not be a problem if needed. 
  10. Corsets and panels are an ideal option to consider if your dress can become too tight before a wedding. 
  11. By adding a big panel in place of buttons or zipper and going with a corset, you secure yourself with the best way to resize the dress at the last minute. 
  12. If you do not mind showing your baby bump on a wedding day, literally every wedding dress silhouette will suit you. 
  13. When looking for the best wedding dress to not expose your pregnancy, go for an empire waist dress with a lace or tulle overlay. This style keeps the focus on the upper part of a bride’s figure.
  14. The last important thing but not least is to choose the right wedding shoes. Your feet grow much too. Many mothers-to-be suffer from foot swelling. So when shopping for heels or flats, make comfort a priority and look for something with lots of support and minimal heel height or flat shoes.