Companies spend billions of dollars protecting and marketing their genuine brand image to ensure customers know that they are getting the real thing — not a counterfeit. Unfortunately, the counterfeit market is thriving thanks to improved copycat production techniques.

At the moment, nearly 7% of the world’s trade is counterfeit goods. In the last 20 years, counterfeit fashion items have caused a loss of 2.5 million jobs worldwide.

So how do you recognise a fake item from the genuine one? The devil is in the details, apparently. For example, the hardware—like zippers—should move smoothly, feel heavy and be of the same colour everywhere.

Of course, these tips won’t apply to every single item and situation, but they are still signs that you should watch out for when buying from a less-than-reputable seller.

Here’s the list on what pay the attention to check if your Milla Nova’s dress is original:

  1. First of all your dress needs to be bought from the official dealer. You can easily find a full list of our partners on our website. Our dresses are available in Europe, in Asia, in Australia, in North and South America. Every continent has something amazing for your amazing wedding or evening look.
  2. Every retailer has hangers with Milla Nova official logo for our dresses.
  3. When it comes to our designs we go beyond just clothes and pay a lot of attention to packaging. Some sellers have all of our original packaging goods. You can ask for an original box with sticker logo and tissue paper. The dress can be carried in the original Milla Nova shopping bag. Your dress can also be sold with original Milla Nova covering of high quality.

  4. All our dresses have silver Milla Nova signboard.
  5. You will find the company logo on a lot of elements in the original dresses. You need to look for sprayed or engraved logo.

    It can be placed on metal elements such as holes for the ribbons on corset or end of the ribbon. If there is no metal material then the logo is embroidered on ribbons of the corset or other laces. Every dress has its own label.

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