Services of the venue

When you book a hotel or resort for your wedding, then they likely offer in-house wedding hairstyle and makeup services with professional service providers. So you can decide to use the venue’s MUAH services.

If you hire locals to the destination location, try to arrive a few days early for trials. You better have a trial session before the wedding day as you want to avoid being surprised on the big day with any look that you are not happy with.

Getting married on a beach or exotic location usually calls for more natural makeup and hair look, so try to stick to that theme and go with a genuine look. Less can go wrong in this case and you are not taking big risks with dramatic makeup. 

How to find your makeup and hairstyle artists abroad

First port of call is Google.  Look at the country/area you are looking to marry in and check every relevant link available to find who is based there locally.

Ask for referrals from your wedding coordinator. That’s what they are there for. They likely have relationships with vendors across the globe or atleast know of many vendors across countries. Get their feedback and recommendations. Chances are they know your style and will guide you the right way. Or maybe they can give you some feedback on people you chose through your search.

Fly over your artists

Hire wedding makeup and hairstyle artist that you know well and fly them to your destination. This option is a bit expensive as you are not only paying for the service but also the travel and accommodations of the vendor. But you can do your trials at home and be certain that you will have the same look on your wedding day. Some vendors offer free services if their travel and accommodation are covered so talk to the person and see what you can agree on.
One more remark: though you would really like someone you already know, most brides seem to benefit from someone at their chosen destination.  They know the climate, local areas for travel, will probably have worked at your venue and it probably will save you some money. 

But look for someone who speaks English and if you find someone you like to book them fast, as there will not be as many people to choose from.

How to choose from the list

But how do I choose someone from afar?  Look at their website, Instagram profiles, photos of their works and find someone that suits your style.  When you choose the best few people, write to them and ask something about their work experience: how long are they working, have they worked for a destination wedding?  

Next step when you have found your girl or guy, is to get to know them via facetime. Having your makeup and hair done is a very intimate process and you need to completely trust the artist and the service they provide.  When it comes to your trial, which we highly recommend you to do, you will already have established a connection and it will feel more comfortable.

What else to remember about destination MUAH

Take a lot of sunscreen especially if you will be lounging on the beach the days before the wedding day. You don’t want to burn or over tan before the wedding day, be generous on the sunscreen so your make up artist isn’t surprised by the sudden change of skin tone!

Do try to fit MUAH trial in. It will show how you are going to look. Be prepared and ring everything you will use on the day ( veils etc).  This is the time to say how the hairstyle or makeup makes you feel.  Listen to the makeup artist/hairstylist, as they will advise from a professional capacity but will ensure that the look works for you and you feel happy.  You and the artist will know at this point if you are going to fit and work well together.  If not – look at other options. You will have still time.

What to ask your destination MUAH artist? 

 – How long will the service take? 

 – Can I/should I bring any of my own makeup?
If you have sensitive skin or need hypoallergenic makeup then you probably have found products that will not irritate your skin.  

 – Are you going to stay through the ceremony/pictures/reception?
This is one that will depend on how much attention you feel you need and what your budget is.  

 – Will you leave me any extra pins, powder etc?

 – Should I wash my hair/face before?