Puffy sleeves? Voluminous tulle skirts? Can you picture what this means? When we heat these words the first thing comes to mind is ‘80s bridal fashion.
Wedding dresses trends are constantly evolving and no matter how fresh a design feels, there is often some sort of influence from the past. Over the past few seasons, nostalgia “a la the ‘80s” has invaded fashion in various forms, from voluminous sleeves to padded shoulders and tulle wedding dresses.
If you are a lover of extra and are getting married soon, then you easily can add a touch of puffiness to your wedding look with these gorgeous dresses who have 80’s-inspired elements.

Puffy sleeves

To the brides who are all about drama! Puffy sleeves take their way back far more than the 80s but with the gorgeous wedding dress of Princess Diana, this trend became alive again.

You know what they say- the bigger the sleeve the better! But whether you go for sheer three-quarter-length sleeves or long ones, or slim sleeves with voluminous shoulders, it will look amazing.

The sleeves are definitely the highlight of the dress but they do not stand alone. Sleeves are a completion of the dress itself in a dreamy, magnificent way. 


The next element from the 80s that is trending for a few seasons now is the bow.

Whether it is small and delicate one on your shoulder or an oversized sculptural bow-statement on a back, it will definitely add girlish whimsy notes to any bridal ensemble.

Tulle skirt

Layered tulle wedding dresses are one of the hottest trends borrowed from the 80s.
For every bride that is seeking graceful romance to make a swoon-worthy statement.
Just look at these fabulous gowns with renowned tulle extra effect.

Sheer sleeves

Wedding dresses with sleeves have grown to become one of the most popular options amongst brides.

There is an option to suit every woman and her beautiful wedding style: from vintage-inspired long sheer sleeves to muttonchop one.

If you want to be more on the classy side but have a more relaxed look then complete your dress with three-quarter-length embroidered sheer sleeves.

Muttonchop sleeves

It may be hard to imagine an 80’s full-sized sleeve on a wedding dress appearing fresh, but the latest Milla Nova’s designers are exactly that. Today’s voluminous sleeves range from daring and dramatic to subtly puffed. Of course, there’s a dose of nostalgia that comes with this style of a wedding gown, but with modern design at play, today’s muttonchop sleeves are fit for fashion-forward and whimsical brides.

Milla by LR|Perseya

High Collar

This trend was aligning with long-sleeved dresses as great in the ’80s as it is now. High neck gown is a classy and chic choice for brides and can feet any style the bride wants: from big voluminous gowns to delicate elegant ones.

High ruffled collar with sheer sleeves or demure long-sleeved gown with some volume on the neck or turtleneck detailing – those are the most iconic elements the brides chose at the time.

Padded Shoulders

For something sleek, a minimal gown in satin or crêpe with a padded shoulder is a great way to give your look a sense of drama and trend-forward bride.

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