1.   New normal

Though keeping the environment in mind is something that should never be considered a “trend,” more and more couples are making concerted efforts to lessen the impact their celebrations have on our planet. Couples with the environment top of mind are even opting for completely sustainable weddings, from the food to the flowers.

Local Fare

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Serving fresh local ingredients is becoming more and more popular in 2020. To know where the food on the guest’s plates comes from and to know the farmer is a new luxury.

With people choosing to celebrate the wedding far outside the city regions this can be a nice way of supporting local businesses and to treat their guests with the super delicious choice of food.

As well as choose local food couples tend to choose locally grown seasonal flowers to boost their eco-friendly attitude.

You can’t go too much with living trees or plants/ flowers in a pot which can be given to guests later as a gift.

Serving local wines is a conscious move as well.

Edible florals

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Frozen in ice, tossed in salads, sprinkled on tops of wedding cake and desserts, edible flowers are a big wedding trend for 2020. This is an easy way to elevate everything from natural water and ice cubes to classic desserts.

Smart re-use

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While someone is calling being environmentally friendly to be a trend, we call it a new normal.

Tablecloths from the wedding which can be reused as curtains or home tablecloth, plants which are planted again after the wedding are just the simplest thing couples can do to show their carrying in the environment.

2.   Natural makeup look

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You don’t want to have smoky eyes in 2020. This time it’s all about bronze or nude shining bright eyes.

Do most to underline your natural beauty and prepare your skin months before the big day.

The natural fluffy brows are also here to stay in 2020. Please don’t do those dark defined Instagram brows. Brush your eyebrows up, fill them in a little and fix them with gel so stay in the place all the celebration along.

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And also, no matte or dark lips. Only rosy, healthy and naturally enhanced lips.

3.   Big cakes are back

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Towering sizeable masterpieces are back.

As much as we love small accurate cakes, this year it is all about hight, lines, asymmetrical decorative elements. Instead of white color, you may want to choose a cake to be more eye-catching.

4.   Brides dress and accessories

The main word in your bride’s look in the new decade is extra!

Slipdresses and simplicity are taking a backseat today. Big ball gowns, exaggerated sleeves, embellishments, lace and more-is-more approach when it comes to the 2020 wedding dresses.

When choosing wedding looks you can rely on these wedding trends below.

Statement sleeves that feel very soft and bridal.

Picture: Milla Nova

Big pretty bows are another detail that took bridal’s heart.

You can have your bow placed on the back of the waist or on the front. Detached bows can be a nice addition to your wedding look as well.

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In 2020, we’ll see the embroidery trend boom for couples to tell their personal love story.

Chiara Ferragni kickstarted the trend of embroidered wedding dresses in late 2018 when she wore a custom Dior gown threaded with lyrics from her husband’s songs and motifs inspired by the couple’s relationship. In 2019, Hailey Baldwin made a statement in stunning cathedral length veil ‘Till Death Do Us Part’.

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This can be done for everyone to see or as a secret message hidden in the dress that just you and your fiancé.

Goodbye Veils?

Veils are something you go big or go home within 2020. Brides either choose cathedral-length veils or changing them entirely for alternative hair accessories.

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Expect to see big headbands the likes of which Blair Waldorf could only dream of, plus pretty pearl barrettes that bring the ’90s classic into the 21st century.

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Bridesmaids will be seen in matching hair buns, like the one above or simpler versions of the bride’s headband.

Brides now tend to change more frequently—think a ceremony look, a reception dress, and an after-party costume change.

Our advice?

When creating a set of multiple looks, consider the story you’re telling. Show your fashion personality, but make sure there is a nice flow as you change from look to look. Put your changes (fashion, accessories, and beauty) in advance so that you spend as little time as possible in the dressing room and more time on the dance floor. Lastly, think about when it’s time to pare back your beauty or accessories to counterbalance a bold fashion choice—like the look pictured, in which a delicate evening shoe, simple hair, and a classic earring serve as the perfect foil to this bold.

5.   Long tables, self-service bars

Table Remix 

Don’t put twenty round tables and do not make your guests sit at them. Long banquet tables are taking the scene again. You can put multiple tables together to create a design and play with shapes at your reception.

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Self-Serve Refreshments

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Creating self-service bars creates a more casual approach to your wedding and space for your guests.

From serving the signature drink to tapped beers, wines, champagnes this all allows your friends and family to create their own drinks.

You can make your own tap stations pretty easily. A local brewery will happily sell you kegs and maybe even help make a special brew just for your big day.

6.   Micro-weddings, individual

Celebrating Big Day with the closest once is making weddings more thoughtful.

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When there are a few guests the couple can guarantee an individual approach to every guest.

Inclusivity is everywhere when it comes to menus as well.  

Vegetarian? We got you. Vegan, lactose allergy? No problem.

The individual approach makes you considerate of all your guests by offering up a variety of cuisines and sips too (remember about delicious non-alcoholic drinks).