Long ago bridesmaids used to protect the bride from evil spirits on her way to the altar. Today this role has transformed to be the supportive gang on the whole journey of wedding planning and day X. 

Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash

Agreeing to be a bridesmaid sometimes feels like an unpaid job. To make things easier for you in this role we gathered some things where you can surely help your bride so that she will see and feel your support during this whole journey. 

Always listen to the bride

If your bride tells you that she wants a relaxed bachelorette party in a spa with sheet masks and massages, do not go off and plan a wild night of drinking and partying. The bride has some image in her head and some wishes so listen to her and do not do what you think is better for her. 

Keep toast short

As bridesmaids you will surely have the honour to tell the toast. Make it short, warm and interesting. Thus you will keep the bride’s and groom’s attention, guests’ attention and won’t tell too much stuff. You can save those long crazy stories for the bachelorette party. 

Don’t drink too much

Photo by Elisabeth Arnold on Unsplash

You need to be in control of things. Again, leave the shots for the bachelorette party.

Be present on all events

Your role is to be present at the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, engagement party and all other wedding-related events to be the support the bride needs during those days. 

Be the last one to leave

Even if you are too tired to dance all night long, be sure to stay till the very end and keep track of everything because your help will be needed for sure.

Help in areas where you are great

If you are amazing in making hand-made invitations or you are Excel guru of budgets or in writing speeches, propose to your bride to help in these things. 

Be early for all events

Always to be earlier than everyone to all events. When the bride needs your help or just moral support, you will be there.  

Spend money reasonably

You will face a lot of expenses in this responsible role: dress, bachelorette party, gifts. Calculate your budget and leave some extra for the wedding day in case your bride will forget money to tip vendors.

Ask her what she needs as often as possible

There is a big chance that the bride will not need your help, but she surely will appreciate your interest. 

Coordinate with her fiance

If the groom has some surprises planned or another top of mind issues, he can use the help from bridesmaids for sure. 

Act as a non-judging club agent

Be ready to be a private psychotherapist and listen to brides and people’s concerns about the wedding from a neutral standpoint. 

Prepare wedding survival kit

Bottle of water, energy bars or other snacks, hair ties and safety pins, headache pills, sewing kit, umbrella, chargers and many more items you can think about to prepare in case of emergency for the day X. 

Think out of a box

There can appear a lot of situations where you can take the wheel. For example, if bridesmaids don’t know each other, then you can send everyone an email to introduce themselves. During the bridal shower, you can write down who gifted what, so that the bride can send thank you notes later without mistakes. 

Go for appointments

Let the bride know that whether it is dress shopping, cake tasting or flowers choosing, you will be there for her. 

Be a contact point

Introduce yourself to the wedding coordinator, parents, venue coordinator that you are a contact point with the bride. 

Round up guests

Bring friends and family together for photoshoots, dance floor or cutting the wedding cake.