What to expect during your wedding dress appointmentWhat to expect during your wedding dress appointment

What to expect during your wedding dress appointment

March 17, 2023

A wedding is a complex and deeply special event for each bride-to-be. And a wedding gown is one of the most important attributes that is usually taken very seriously. If you are getting married for the first time, the path from trying the wedding gown to actually wearing it on your big day might be a bit overwhelming. So we have prepared a small guideline that will help you to understand how it all works. 

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1. An appointment request

Choose the nearest retailer on our website and book a try-on appointment.
Unlike many salons, our retailers can accept clients for fitting without prior online registration. If suddenly at this moment all fitting rooms are occupied — you still can take a closer look at our dresses and make a fitting appointment on the next free date and try on the designees you liked.
But it is still better to book your appointment and let you have this special planned moment for yourself.

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2. Confirmation

An appointment will be confirmed as soon as possible and not later than the day before the appointed date. Every retailer pays attention to every single detail ensuring your best experience. You are provided with extra linen, all the necessary accessories, shoes, a bathrobe, and, of course, a mood setter – sparkling wine. 

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3. Fitting 

A lot of brides dream of their special wedding day long before an actual proposal. Searching for references on Pinterest, looking for a perfect engagement ring, thinking of the wedding style, and of course, imagining what the main gown of the life might look like. 

If you already know what you want when coming into the salon – everything might go faster.  

But if you are living in the moment and don’t have references, you can decide your preferences directly during the visit.

Bridal advisers will help you along the way taking into account the input data on the style of the wedding, the type of wedding, and the preferences.

Usually, you will be recommended with 5 or 6 dresses per fitting, so it suits an optimal fitting time: an hour or an hour and a half.

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4. Fitting closure

If you have chosen your wedding gown from the first fitting, you conclude a contract of sale with a retailer, leave a deposit, and agree to the terms of the order.

Usually, salons order standard dimensional grid sizes, but if you have non-standard parameters — it is possible to make a customized order.

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5. Next fitting arrangement

You set the date of the 2nd fitting. During this fitting, there is a dressmaker who adjusts the dress to your figure. If you have some must-haves – it is possible to alter any details as desired.

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6. Final fitting

The moment of truth. You see the final version of your wedding gown and try it on.