Wedding story of Marta and Maciej Wedding story of Marta and Maciej

Wedding story of Marta and Maciej

November 13, 2023

Marta and Maciej celebrated their wedding with an enchanting escape-to-nature theme, immersing themselves in the cinematic grandeur of Mała Wieś Palace's picturesque gardens. The romantic ambiance was enhanced by the mesmerizing melodies of a live string quartet, adding a touch of musical magic to their special day.

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What was the main idea of your wedding?

We wanted to get married in magical, romantic scenery with a special, almost cinematic ambiance.
I was dreaming of the ceremony which would be accompanied by birdsong, the sound of trees, and the beautiful effects nature can offer, such as a sunset. 
So we decided to organize an outdoor ceremony.

Please tell us a little bit about your location for the wedding. Why did you and your husband choose it?

We decided to choose the Mała Wieś Palace, a hotel near Warsaw, which is an extraordinary place, overflowing with elegance and chic. It enjoys the reputation of being one of the most beautiful monuments of classicism in Poland.

The Mała Wieś Palace is a place surrounded by nature, with a particularly majestic rose garden, in the French style. It delights with its wealth of shapes and especially with the variation of colors depending on the season.

Were there personal touches in the decor or ceremony? Perhaps you can recall some details that are important to you.

A particularly important moment on my wedding day was being led down the aisle by my dad, which caused me big tears of elation.
In the background, a string quartet was performing Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air on the G String".
Walking down the aisle I saw my future husband with the same smile on his face as the day I met him.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

For me, the most memorable moment was putting the rings on each other, as I felt that we were embarking on a new path of a unique bond, which from then on would be a priority for us. We felt happier than ever.

Three tips for couples who are planning their wedding.

  1. Seek advice from friends, family, and cousins who have already had a wedding. Contrary to what you might think, you can find a lot of valuable information from them that is not so easy to find on the internet – this could be about the style of the wedding, the band, the decoration, and even the ceremony script.

  2. Let each of you be involved in the wedding preparations as much as possible. The nature of the wedding should reflect your shared tastes and style.

  3. Everyone likes surprises! Don't give away too many secrets about your wedding. Much more excitement will be caused when guests don't know what to expect.

Three biggest regrets on your wedding day.

  1. Uncomfortable wedding shoes.
    My wedding shoes were very beautiful, but at the same time not really comfortable. I didn’t think to change them to flat shoes during the wedding party so I could dance the night away with my guests.

  2. Not dancing enough with all the guests.
    Due to the large number of guests at the wedding, I was not able to dance and talk to each person. It’s sad but this problem is probably faced by most couples during a wedding.

  3. Not eating enough during the day.
    I felt so stressed from the morning of the wedding that I couldn’t swallow anything except coffee and a small snack. This is not a healthy way as you may feel weak at the end of the day.

Three tips for brides-to-be.

  1. Invest in a wedding planner.
    I completely trusted my Wedding Planner – Ewa Wardega and her amazing company Kraina Ślubów Weddings.
    She relieved us of much stress, she took care of every detail and was involved and ready to help in every field and every stage of preparation or coordination.

  2. Seek for an inspiration before organizing the wedding.
    Like every bride, I'm sure you already have a vision for your wedding decorations. To make your florist's job easier, prepare a list of inspirations before you go to meet them – print out some photos of bouquets you like, print screens of wedding halls, decorated tables, etc.

  3. Take care of yourself.
    Try maintaining peace of mind and be well-rested a few days before the wedding – meet friends for dinner, get a massage, go to a yoga class, or meditate:)

We will be happy to hear about your experience with Milla Nova. Where and under what circumstances did you find the dress? Was it love at first sight? Tell us everything!

From the day I got engaged, I knew that my wedding dress would be a Milla Nova design! Your designs were love at first sight for me. I also knew that the shape I would choose would be a mermaid or A-line.

I started by looking for a dress 1.5 years before the wedding.
At first, I was convinced that I would choose a dress from the collection "Olives, Greece, Love" – Atlanta, in which I was captivated by the cut and heart-shaped neckline.

After a few months, I came across a photo from the new Milla Nova campaign – "All About Love" on the website of the Madonna Salon in Warsaw. The time I saw Glovanna dress – I remember as if it was a moment ago, my heart beat faster and I thought: "This is my dreamy wedding dress! I need to have it!" And so it happened.

Therefore, I would like to advise all brides to fulfill their dreams, and to look for the perfect wedding dress until the very end, because it is a great joy to finally find the one and feel this relief in your heart :)

The Vendors:

Wedding Planner: @krainaslubow_weddings

Photographer: @abweddingspl

Place: @palacmalawies_wedding

Wedding salon: @madonnasuknieslubne