September 7, 2023

Kaylee & Nathan got married with a stunning view at the end of a cliff in Mallorca, paying tribute to their top holiday destination from when they were teenage sweethearts. 

The newlyweds did not want a crazy, over-the-top wedding, so they went for a minimalistic and elegant vibe. The bride explained that their goal was to craft a lovely ambiance harmonizing with the location's natural beauty and scenic views. Their primary aim was to enjoy a wonderful time with their friends and family.
We asked the bride to describe her wedding in just three words. She said it was elegant, minimalistic, and natural. We couldn’t agree more. There was no extra detail at this wedding that could distract from the newlyweds. Everything, from the decor to the ceremony, was done daintily and classically.

The place chosen by the newlyweds for marriage holds profound symbolism. They exchanged vows on the very island where they went on their first vacation together. When the couple saw the venue online – they immediately fell in love with the views and the sentimental connection of it being in Mallorca.

This beautiful locale not only encapsulated the nostalgia of their first teenage getaway but also marked the journey from their 16-year-old selves to the momentous occasion of their marriage, 12 years later.

Kaylee and Nathan dreamed of a wedding spot with a beautiful ocean view, which they saw as the most romantic setting. They picked a venue with a stunning arch that looked like a wedding chapel and sat on a cliff's edge, giving them an amazing ocean view. This, combined with the backdrop of mountains and incredible sunsets, made the venue perfect for their special day.

We asked Kaylee to provide five pieces of advice for all the brides-to-be who are reading this article. Here is what she shared:

1. Research! I am a control freak, so I found almost all the suppliers for our wedding myself. Thanks to the assistance of social media, it's quite easy. You can simply search for things that pique your interest, identify companies that are tagged in relevant posts, and reach out to them for price quotes. This also helps to visualize your wedding and see what styles you like. I love planning and doing things like this so for me this was such a fun stage.

2. Enjoy! Weddings pass by so quickly, so I strongly recommend pausing for a moment to savor the day, absorb every aspect of it, and recognize the beauty of this special moment. Also, try to enjoy the planning because this stage is so nice to try and look forward to the big day. I always hear a lot of people say how stressful a wedding is which of course is true in a way that it takes a lot of organization and planning, but even if there are a few things going wrong on the day no one would notice so just try to enjoy the moment

3. Less is more! I think at a wedding all you really need is your partner and loved ones to celebrate with. If you are with your closest people it does not matter where you are you will always have a great time. I think because of social media some people think "the bigger the better" but this is not always necessary. Make sure you are staying true to yourself and what you like. Focus on what you and your partner would like – it is your day after all, so make sure you do what you want to do and do not listen to others who have a different opinion. With planning a wedding, it's easy to lose focus of what you like because there are a million options of things you can do and have but make sure it is right for you.

4. Guest messages for memories! We had a photobooth at our wedding, and the guests could put their pictures with a message in our guest book, it is so nice to read this back after, and also the pictures are so funny it's a nice memory to have! I also believe there are now options to do this with video messages which could also be a nice idea. It's nice to have a more fun and less serious book with images as well next to the official wedding photos.

5. Pictures! I would not spend too long on taking your wedding photos because you also want to enjoy the day, but that being said, we actually had such a good time we forgot to take "official wedding photos" with our best friends, so probably a tip would be to try to take all the pictures before you go out and enjoy the celebrations. 

Kaylee chose our Kristina gown as the main gown of her life. She shared that the moment she put her dress on, she knew it was what she wanted! She looked for a tight dress with an open back covered in lace details.

‘’In the end, it just so happened that I was 18 weeks pregnant at my wedding, but the little bump fitted in the dress because of the open back and stretch in the fabric which was so lucky! I loved the fit of the dress and it was so comfy to wear the fabrics were beautiful’’ – shared our bride. 


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