Wedding story of Bianca & TomWedding story of Bianca & Tom

Wedding story of Bianca & Tom

October 18, 2023

Bianca and Tom gathered their entire family at the picturesque Lake Como, marking a celebration of their six-year journey in love. Dive deeper into their story to discover the reasons behind their selection of Villa Aura del Lago as the venue, uncover invaluable advice for aspiring newlyweds-to-be, and gain insights into the couple's extraordinary experience.

Please tell us a little bit about your location for the wedding. Why did you and your husband choose it?

Our wedding took place at the picturesque Villa Aura del Lago in Limonta in Lake Como, Italy. 

Lake Como holds a special place in our hearts, as it was the first destination we explored together in Europe. We fell in love with Lake Como immediately and kept returning every chance we could, while we lived in London. Being part Italiano, it was also a dream come true for me to get married in my favorite country.  

As soon as we saw Aura del Lago, we knew it was the one. We wanted water views (for our love of the ocean), a backdrop of mountains (for our love of snowsports and hiking), and a traditional villa where our guests could spend the wedding day and have a pleasant recovery day. 

With Tom's family being British, and my family being Australian-Slovenian, this was an opportunity for all our friends and family to meet and join us in celebrating our 6-year romance. 

What was the main idea of your wedding?

We wanted to create a beautiful, elegant, intimate, romantic, and exciting weekend that our guests would remember forever. 

Apart from the limoncello pastel color of Villa Aura del Lago, I never wanted a colorful wedding. My vision was always hades of 'bianco' - simple and elegant, with the breathtaking scenery being the masterpiece. 

It was the most unforgettable few days of our life, made all the more special by having all our family and friends in one place. It was pure magic.

Describe your wedding atmosphere in three words.

Enchanting, elegant, and joyful.

Five tips for couples who are planning their wedding

1. Start early: Give yourselves plenty of time to plan, research, choose vendors, and make decisions, as wedding planning (especially a destination wedding) is overwhelming. But it is all worth it in the end. 

2. Stay true to yourselves: Infuse your personalities into your wedding details and don't be afraid to politely decline any suggestions your planners may have that don't correlate to your vision. It will make the celebration a genuine reflection of your love story. It's your day. 

3. Consider your guests: As we had family and friends travel from all around the world, our aim was to ensure their comfort and enjoyment throughout the weekend. 

4. Take a moment with your husband: So many friends had warned us about how quickly the wedding day flashes by and how they didn't get to spend any time together on the day. Now I understand why. The only time I had with Tom was during our photo session on a private boat. I wish we had a few more moments to ourselves just to relish in the day. 

5. Trust your people: Everyone kept telling me how calm I was. All the preparation from two years of planning and the buildup to the weekend seemed to vanish in an instant once we arrived in Lake Como. A great deal of effort went into researching and choosing our vendors, and we really put all of our trust in them when the time came. 

For her special day Bianca chose Beata — an elegant satin gown for the ceremony and dreamy ethereal Persa for the reception.