Wedding photoshoot checklistWedding photoshoot checklist

Wedding photoshoot checklist

February 8, 2023

Wedding photos hold memories of your big day. To ensure that you have all the desired noteworthy moments captured you might want to create a checklist for your photographer. Think ahead of moments you want to memorize, choose a like-minded photographer, and show them your finished checklist. We formed a checklist to start from: add your essentials & creative ideas down below.

Milla NovaMilla Nova

✨ Getting ready

Preparing for your special day is exciting and overwhelming. Usually, the bride and groom do it separately, surrounded by their friends and relatives, without seeing each other. Capture these moments to feel all that excitement and anticipation through the photo. 

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✨ Here comes the bride & waiting at thealtar

The wait. The walk. The moment of truth. The first look. Tears & smiles. 

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✨ Just married shot

You need to have one of these photos surrounded by a pop of confetti, flower petals, or fireworks!

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✨ Bride tribe & groom squad

Yours and groom’s besties, special time spent together, some behind-the-scenes memories, and lots of fun. It is illegal not to take dozens of photos with your friends!

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✨ Family portraits 

Such unique and valuable moments. There are so many fundamentally important shots you need to take with your family members. Parents, grandparents, kids, sisters, brothers, and pets! Do not miss out on anyone!

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✨ Show off the gown

Give your gown the moment it deserves! Every bride needs to have a full-length shot of her wedding dress. And don’t even get us started on close-ups of exquisite detailing. It needs to be captured no discussions!

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✨ The cake 

Cutting. Eating. And the one before won’t hurt. You chose this cake. You might want to remember it.

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✨ Kisses & private moments 

Don’t forget that the wedding is the celebration of your love. Ask a photographer to pay attention and take photos when you don’t see them. Some spontaneous and live photos capture the spark in the eyes and true emotions.

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✨ The bouquet toss

A dynamic and epic photo. Can’t do without one.

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✨ The venue & details 

You put your soul, time, money, and efforts to create a certain vibe at your wedding. Ask a photographer to pay some attention to details, tables, flowers, and decorations.