Wedding gowns you will wear long after the weddingWedding gowns you will wear long after the wedding

Wedding gowns you will wear long after the wedding

November 20, 2022

Milla NovaMilla Nova

A wedding dress is usually a one-in-a-lifetime look and some people don’t want to store it in the wardrobe as it takes up space, and collects dust. We totally get the practicality that stands behind these kinds of thoughts. If you pay for a stunning dress, you might want to wear it more than once. 

We follow this tendency in our designs and create pieces that scream ‘chic versatility’. Accurate lux fabrics, sharp tailoring, fashion-forward style, and, of course sophistication hidden in every detail.

We’ve collected a few stunning dresses that you can wear long after your wedding. 

Let's start with the minimalistic and elegant gowns. 

This style can be worn at fancy dinners, formal parties, or special occasions. After all, white is also a kind of bold color that not everyone can dare to wear on the daily basis.  

Milla NovaMilla Nova

Сontinue, of course, with minis! These cuties conquer at first sight. Both adorable and breathtaking minis are deal breakers suitable for any occasion.  

Milla NovaMilla Nova

And last but not least, our 2 and 3-piece combinations. You can wear each piece separately and combine it with the stuff you have in your wardrobe or pair every piece together for the maximum dramatic appearance. 

It does not matter if you are a fan of lush and extravagant dresses, or more universal ones – what is important is to choose a dress, listening to yourself, your wishes, and your heart.