Modern bride: a twist on a classicsModern bride: a twist on a classics

Modern bride: a twist on a classics

October 20, 2022

Every year, weddings are becoming more and more progressive. Ceremonies are modernized, venues become unconventional, and outfits become more comfy & stylish. 

Wishes of the newlyweds come to the fore before generally accepted traditions. Now there is nothing wrong with sneakers paired with a wedding gown. And we think it’s beautiful! Rules are created to be broken, right? 

We believe that you get to decide what your wedding should be like. Here are a few tips on how to add a zest of freshness to your wedding.  

First things first

Try on unique options for your wedding dress: minis, combinations, and jacket dresses. Those are real game-changers: comfy, stylish, and perfect for non-standard wedding ceremonies.

Be Creative
Try adding a twist on ordinary and typical things: venue, decorations, florals, menu, drinks, presents, dress code, and entertainment. Be a little more playful where you can. Think outside the box and turn the boring and banal attributes into something unconventional and special. 

It’s all about you
A wedding is a celebration of your love. Add something special: your inside jokes, shared obsession, or something only you two can understand. 

For example, if you both are Harry Potter fans — may the main soundtrack be your first dance song! 

Milla NovaMilla Nova

Add a pop of color 

Consider adding bold colors to your big day as an accent. It may be a part of your look, accessories, or decorations. Your wedding is a celebration that can be emphasized with vivid colors.

Do not be shy to incorporate your personalities and make the wedding of your dreams. After all, it is your day!