Honeymoon planning tipsHoneymoon planning tips

Honeymoon planning tips

March 28, 2023

Honeymoon is the perfect time to celebrate your marriage and enjoy each other. Yet it is much like planning a wedding – costly, stressful, and a bit tricky. We have gathered a few honeymoon planning tips to help you plan the most wonderful getaway.


Many couples save up for years to get the ultimate dream honeymoon and it’s quite wise. It’s good when you have a certain amount of money at your disposal and can have fun by living to the fullest. But the budget is budget and usually, it is not limitless. It is extremely important to stick to it, as you may only live once, but you do actually need money for living after the return. It is smart to search for some travel loyalty programs or rewards that you can collect for the next trip.

Plan ahead

Early bird planning can guarantee you some discounts. Buy plane tickets, and reserve bookings, excursions, and guides in advance. First of all, you’ll secure yourself with a fully scheduled program, and the greatest benefit will be tons of saved money. 

Two of a kind

Talk to your partner. Choose a destination and activities that will fulfill both of you. Don’t skimp on compromises, but keep in mind your desires. This is the time of your life, so make sure it is pleasant for both of you.

Local experiences

Dive into the other culture. Try new things, eat local food, take a cultural tour, learn something new, and try active sports popular there. Usually, this kind of experience makes the honeymoon truly special and noteworthy.

Travel agent or all-inclusive

Honestly, if you don’t want all of the hustle-bustle and stress, just shift all responsibilities to someone else or pick an all-inclusive package with all things taken care of for you. Travel agents and all-inclusive packages usually include all arranged flights, accommodation, meals, insurance, and activities, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Packing nerve-racking

To make packing not stressful, we recommend making a list of everything you need. What can go into the list: passports, credit cards and money, gadgets, and chargers for them, medicines, care and decorative cosmetics, sunscreen, underwear, hygiene products, basic clothes, clothes for romantic dates, swimsuits, special items (if you are going hiking or scuba diving), umbrella/raincoat, etc.
But the main point to keep in mind – you can usually buy the stuff you forgot, so don’t overthink and stress out if you did.

If you suddenly realised that you have no special occasion clothes to bring with you on your honeymoon, we’ve prepared a few honeymoon-worthy options.