Can a woman propose to a man? Can a woman propose to a man?

Can a woman propose to a man?

December 22, 2022

We think that women of the 21st century can do anything, and the proposal is not an exception. Fortunately, the days have passed when only a man had privileges and was allowed to propose.

Traditionalists, let’s face it: traditions are changing with the arrival of modern women. Some traditions are revised, modernized, and completely changed. And it is normal. Moreover, it is wonderful, because new orders come to replace the old ones and bring a note of creativity and sparkle corresponding to the trends.

So, here you are. You threw away all stereotypes and deep fears. You are all charged with determination and ready to propose. Here are a few pieces of advice on how to make the proposal memorable. 


Hearing rejection is probably the most terrifying thing for anyone who proposes a hand and a heart. To make sure that this does not happen, find out at what level your relationship is. Ask about life plans and global outlook. It will not be very pleasant if after the wedding it turns out that you did not discuss some fundamental issues.


Do some research on his preferences. What style of rings does he like, what he thinks is appropriate, what is banal and clichéd.

Here's a life hack: to prevent spoilers and not reveal your intentions, do not ask intrusively. For example, when you scroll through the feed and Instagram, pretend that you came across an ad and want to hear his opinion. Or offer a marathon of romantic movies with proposals in the plot and discuss them.


To make this event unforgettable, try to think through every little thing.

If you propose on the roof, consider it can be raining.

If you are doing it in the restaurant, don't forget that there could be a Friends TV show kind of situation where you run into someone's ex, so book a venue you're 100% sure of.
If you are planning a proposal with relatives and friends, take their plans into account.
And if you are a fan of famous one-knee proposals think through your outfit.

In short, try to calculate all possible force majeure.


It will be a memorable event for both of you and there will be maaany photos. So make sure you are in your dream dress that reflects your inner self and gives you the feeling of confidence.

We have selected a few options for this big occasion: