Bridal outfits for 2 bridesBridal outfits for 2 brides

Bridal outfits for 2 brides

February 20, 2023

Is there anything better than one bride? Two brides, of course! We know how challenging it can get when choosing outfits for a queer couple. Each outfit separately should be carefully chosen so that the attention is focused on both brides at the same time. In order to achieve balance in appearance, it is necessary to ensure that each outfit reflects the essence of each bride. And there can be many options to achieve it: from classy dresses and combinations to mini dresses and pantsuits. Today we are going to talk about the ultimate wedding options for a queer couple with 2 brides. 

Of course, the first thing that will come to mind – is gowns. Depending on your preferences, you have an infinite number of options to choose from. Starting with style and silhouette, and ending with embellishments and slits. We don’t see the problem of two drastically different wedding gown styles – on the contrary, we think that reflecting your inner self is a priority and it doesn’t matter if some things are too extra. This is your day and each of you deserves your own star moment. 

If either of you is not in the mood for a dress, there are plenty of other options that will be perfect not only for your wedding but as an evening party look for special occasions.

Paintsuit is one of the most popular attire and is usually worn by fashion-forward brides who are looking for something elegant and extra practical at the same time.

Not a big pants fan? Try on a 2-piece combination that still looks classy & fancy but with a note of allure.

Don’t leave mini dresses unnoticed – these are the perfect break-the-rules main ceremony looks or perfect second wedding looks when you are ready to set the dance floor on fire!

Still haven’t found THE option? Well, maybe you haven’t seen our blazer dresses yet. These are modernity-approved wedding outfits that can be both minimalistic & elegant while remaining bold & fresh bridal options.