5 pieces of advice on how to nail your bridesmaid dresses 5 pieces of advice on how to nail your bridesmaid dresses

5 pieces of advice on how to nail your bridesmaid dresses

August 1, 2022

Whether you have a big royal wedding or a modest cozy ceremony — your bridesmaids' look is essential for the overall appearance. Bridesmaid dresses set the tone for the wedding style and overall appearance. And don’t even get us started on those wedding photos!
You have to pick the right color, silhouette, and style for your besties to shine but not overshadow you. 

Here are some easy-to-follow tips you might find useful:

1. Perfect match 

Your bride tribe dresses should match your wedding gown: be a perfect complement that does not take all eyes off you but still emphasizes the uniqueness of each of your besties. 

2. Wedding palette 

Bridesmaid dresses should fit in the color scheme of the wedding. It depends on the wedding style, season, and preferences. If you chose a restrained and monotonous palette — this is your opportunity to add some color accents. 

3. Price tag 

If you are paying for your bridesmaids' dresses, the price and style of the dress are entirely up to you. But if your friends pay by themselves — set a reasonable budget and give them different options and a little bit of freedom so they can buy a dress they actually like and are going to wear besides your wedding. 

If someone does not have the opportunity to purchase a dress — keep in mind that there is always a rental option.

4. Every body is a perfect body  

It is quite difficult to choose one silhouette that will flatter all figures. Each of your besties should feel gorgeous and confident, so it is important not to make a mistake. Here is an idea: you can set the color of the dress/pattern and type of the fabric and let everyone choose the silhouette for themselves.

5. Have fun 

Yet choosing dresses might be stressful, do not forget to have fun with your girlfriends. Remain a friend, and only then — a legitimately cranky bride :) 

We've prepared some ready-to-use ideas for those of you out there who are about to get married. We hope to inspire you & save you some time.