There is a high possibility that your wedding stress will begin a year in advance. And while becoming a bride with all planning and hustle can make you crazy, you totally should calm down the week before the wedding. Your guests want to see relaxed and smiling as well as you want to remember dancing and having fun. It will be for sure an amazing day, no matter what.
Below Milla Nova’s team want to tell you some advice every bride should read and know while planning the wedding.

1. Stay connected to yourself

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Firstly, don’t overpack your wedding morning routine. Schedule massage, nails doing and other treatments week or two. This will give you time to enjoy the morning and not to stress about the timing.

Go to bed early before day X. Maybe you won’t fall asleep very soon but at least try just to lay down, to breathe deeply and calm down. Choose comforting linen sheets and favourite playlist to finish the evening.  You can talk with your fiancé about the expectations from the next day and the talk will definitely relax you.

Take time to connect to your space. Pay attention to sounds and colours around you. Leave your phone. If you practice mindfulness or meditation, then it is really important to do this morning.

Reserve 30 minutes more than needed for your hair and makeup done. In case something goes wrong you don’t need to stress. And if you have some time left you can just sit and drink your coffee without any rush.  

2. Don’t fight your feelings

It is normal to feel sad that you are leaving your single life. It is normal to feel scared and anxious as well. It’s normal to feel sad when you let go of your dad’s hand at the end of the aisle or when you dance with him at the reception. But those feelings will be replaced with joy and excitement soon for sure.

Wear waterproof mascara and cry when you want to cry. When you will try to keep your tears because happy brides don’t cry, nothing but the zombie angry face will be shown to your guests.
If you attach onto any of these “negative” feelings as meaning that there’s something wrong, judge them and push them down, you create a wall around your heart which doesn’t allow the joy and calm to enter either. The wedding day, like all transitions in life, is overwhelmed, so expect to feel every emotion hundred of times, allowing them all to flow through you so that you can be present to experience one of the most joyous days of your life.

3. Don’t skip the meal

You must have breakfast in the morning: we know that you may feel very anxious to eat but it is really important to do. You will be overwhelmed with emotions all day long so treat yourself with light healthy food and ideally prepare them the day before. And drink enough water, you know, right?

4. Relieve yourself of all questions

Remember to choose your nominated trusted person to be responsible for all the questions that might appear from anyone that day. It is not your time to be worried about things, no-no.

One side note: choose carefully who are those the closest who will be with you on the wedding morning. These people must be the nicest in the world and set the best mood for the day ahead.

If you haven’t hired a wedding planner we still recommend you to get a wedding coordinator for the actual Day X. This way neither you and fiancé nor your mom won’t be looking where are all those beers for guests, but your coordinator.

Wedding day is the celebration of love with family and your friends so you don’t need to be nervous about being in the centre of attention near close people after all.

Try to talk to every guest at a time and making eye contact to really connect.

5. Stay connected with your husband

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The last but not least: spend this day together with your husband. How meaningful this is to have the same memories of the wedding day. If it is not about you two then what it is about? It is really important that you show up not only physically to the wedding day, but emotionally as well.

Why do we stress on this? Many women become so obsessed with all the planning and wedding rush, and then they meet their fiancé and can hardly remember it is the celebration for both of them. Decorations are only accessories for two of you to celebrate the movement from dating couple to husband and wife & family status.

Decorations are your accessories, not your groom.

Girl, this is going to be one of the best days of your life. Everything will be amazingly great no matter what.
If you will follow this simple five-step guide to remember on your wedding day, you will truly be calm and joyous and have the magnificent celebration you deserve to have.