With the COVID-19 pandemic, love seems to be in the air even more than ever before. Countless weddings have been postponed but some still are taking place all around the world:  with strict limitations up to 5 people, photographs being taken from 2 metres distance, people are getting married in protective masks and designers all around the world are adjusting face masks to wedding dresses.
The cancellation of Princess Beatrice’s royal wedding reminded us once again that we are all in this together and that there is no exception of being affected by the virus spread. 

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For most people, the question is if their day will still take place or they should reschedule.  If reschedule, then what date to choose?
To help you figure things out, we spent a lot of time talking to experts, doing researches to answer your most common corona-wedding questions. 

If your wedding was or is still scheduled for 2020 be ready for everything girl. No one knows what to expect for us this year. There are some predictions that the virus can outbreak in autumn as well. We advise you not to stress out as now it is 100% that autumn wedding will take place though due to your country or local restrictions you may need to cut down the guest list.
Almost all governments predict now that summer wedding if will be allowed will be maximum to 50 people so be ready to be flexible with it and start preparing an alternative list now. Also remember that probably not everyone will have the ability to travel due to flights cancellation or age restrictions. Some countries will oblige your guests to stay for two weeks in self-isolation so probably guests will need to come earlier to attend your wedding.
If you are planning a wedding abroad we advise you to reschedule to 2021 or to your home country but more on this below. 

If you already rescheduled your wedding to 2021, you can take this additional year as the ability to plan everything without rush, revise your wishes again or arrange things you have not before. Or you can turn this lockdown time to non-stop vacation together and pre-honeymoon rehearsal. 

For more up-to-date information search for local brides groups in your city on Facebook or on Reddit, people always share their personal stories and updates how to do planning during the lockdown and news, and thus you can always connect with someone in case you have any questions. 

Maddy Moldenhauer and Devin Haberling were still married with limited family at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids on April 25, 2020. (Photo: Courtesy)

What has changed in the industry so far? 

For a lot of brides, this lockdown became the opportunity to look at the weddings it is just a regular party and shift their focus: the big fairytale wedding changed to at least have the ability to go to the backyard, do some bbq and get married in a simple summer dress.
This is a chance for you to review your beliefs as well and to listen to your heart: is this you who wants a big wedding or are you just influenced by other weddings.
Brides tell that coronavirus helped them to put things in the perspective. Of course, a wedding day is a huge one but it is only the beginning and there will be so many things to look forward to. And your corona wedding will be part of the history for sure.

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There are brides who are now happy to down-size their wedding. Why? When you have a smaller ceremony you get the chance to have quality time with all your guests and have clear memories of every moment of the day,  not a vanished ones. With a big wedding, the thing is that if those are the people you love you still get distracted because you are always busy with formal procedures of the wedding day.
It is still hard to tell what will be the other future changes in the wedding industry though events in this industry will be the first one to thrive for sure. One thing that will change in an industry that couples will continue to schedule weddings on a weekday as they do now, the ceremonies and receptions will be held on different days as well and the wedding attire look could change. 

Wedding in 2020: postpone or cancel? 

If you feel that you want to deal with planning and rescheduling for a later date in 2020 then do it. If you feel you don’t want to think about it, then don’t. Reschedule for 2021 and use this lockdown as a distraction to figure out with your future husband what kind of celebration do you really want. 

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Most couples are postponing the wedding rather than cancelling it, continuing work with the same wedding location and vendors. Also, if you reschedule you will just reput your finances into another date and in case of cancelling you will receive the refund not in every case. For more details, you should contact your insurance company.

What will be the allowed amount of guests at my wedding? 

This depends on your country and local policies. As for now, some countries allow gatherings up to 50 people and some predict up to 100 people at weddings in the midst of July and August. What about autumn weddings there are no updates so you can assume the same amount of people but contact your venue and make a plan B: how they will help you to maintain social distance?; will they refund you if the number of guests will be cut down? If your elder ones won’t join the ceremony you may consider live streaming for them and then just have the separate blessing ceremony with them to not put them in risks.
Stay updated with your country guidelines regarding huge gatherings. We advise you to contact your vendors and venue and discuss how you can apply social distancing rules for big amount of people on your celebration.

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Will my wedding in summer 2020 happen? 

As for the first part of the summer it is likely that restaurants will return to life so we can assume that weddings can take place.  
If you are due to marry in July, the best course of action is to discuss a Plan B with your venue or have the date agreed for later, just in case the government decides that weddings cannot take place at this time. Ask the venue the last possible date they will postpone and also ask them about dates available later this year and next year. This will allow you to plan another way of how things may go, inform your guests, plan work with suppliers for alternative dates.
Though keep in mind that there can be a policy about the number of people on gatherings so you should decide as soon as possible if you will cut the number of guests or postpone to next year with the same listing in case of restrictions.

Will my wedding in autumn of 2020 happen? 

The expectation is currently certain for weddings taking place in September and October. 
There have been many reports of travel and lockdown restrictions boosting by September. However, no one can say for certain whether or not weddings will be going ahead and so it is most useful to ask your venue when they will review your date and make sure that your vendors will still be able to render you with all assistance you have booked. Due to some travel restrictions, there may be a deficiency of specific supplies and small businesses who have been hit with financial losses due to Covid-19 lockdown may strive to fulfil their services in the future.

Will I need to cancel my wedding abroad?

As for now, the USA has banned travel from Europe and the UK; travel limitations are effective in countries such as Bali and the Maldives. The Schengen Area and other countries of Europe are currently on lockdown or in the very early stages of lifting lockdown. 

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If your wedding is taking place in Europe in the next three months you should reschedule it to 2021 or move to your home country. Talking about September as on June 1st, it is very likely that you still can go with your plan but consider that not all your guests would want to risk and travel, some countries will oblige guests to self-isolate for two weeks upon arrival, and your grandparents will probably skip the wedding as well. 

Donald Trump suggested Americans could be practising social distancing until July or August and president of France Emmanuel Macron told that borders in the Schengen area can be closed probably till the end of September. 

However, just like everything else linking to the Coronavirus outbreak, we can not predict anything and you will need to keep in touch with your wedding coordinator and venue and keep an eye on local government updates. For the most up-to-date and trustworthy data, it’s best to review official websites periodically.

Will lockdown stop me from getting my Milla Nova wedding dress?

We advise you to contact directly Milla Nova store about the dresses as different cities and countries have different policies. If you have bought your dress in our retailers’ store contact them directly. Many of them had already received gowns early and made arrangements to ensure all orders would be received on time. Also, ask boutiques to inform you about the reopening so that you can try on your gown and still have plenty of time to suit in any changes that you may need.

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From our side, we can assure you that we are working on delivering all gowns and orders in time and help you with everything you need. So, if you have ordered a dress, do not worry, it will arrive on time. In case you have other questions contact us directly in our Instagram account or e-mail.

What are the protective measures I should and can take to protect guests?

Firstly agree with a venue to put special measures on the day. Ask them to have antibacterial soap in the restrooms, ask for disposable paper hand towels. Ask for hand sanitisers to be placed in the toilets and near tables and ask the workers to spray every guest’s hands with high-quality alcohol-based sanitisers. You can have masks given for everyone to wear except for yourselves. In order to stay safe, you can avoid hugs and handshakes. Maybe you also ask people to wear gloves so not put anyone at risk.
If you have a wedding website you can add information from the WHO Guidelines. This will guarantee all guests are up to date with how best to protect from the virus. 

How can I help make guests who can’t attend due to Coronavirus feel part of the day?

As we said before, we do not recommend for elderly and persons at health risks to attend weddings until the safety will be restored. Though there are still ways to include these guests in the celebration. If your venue and church have video equipment, you can stream the ceremonies and invite them to join the link. They can also toast to you online, so schedule a time to present them to your guests.
Also you can send them a small cake which will be similar to yours on a wedding day and a complimentary bottle of wine so that they will feel part of the celebration even more. ( More about how to make an online wedding here)

Does it make sense to start planning a wedding for the next year during the lockdown? 

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There is sense and more importantly, we encourage you to save the date. As the wedding amount will double for 2021 you’d better book the date and vendors asap. Even if you’re not ready to book, ask your favourite venues and suppliers what their 2021 calendars are looking like to get an idea of availability.
A lot of venues allow you virtual tours to choose the location. You can have online calls with vendors and wedding dresses can be chosen online as well. If you need some samples everything can be sent to you: cake, fabrics etc. 

What should I do next? Practical steps:

One minute you were creating vows for the ceremony and ordering confetti and the next we know this all seems to belong to a completely faded life. After month’s of planning, if your wedding day is cancelled it can be heart-breaking to feel that you are back to the start of the planning process. Cherish that you have already done most of the hard work. Once you’ve rescheduled your vendors and verified your paperwork is in order, you gain some extra time for the last bits.

  • Check that you will be able to get all the documents needed for your new date, paying attention to the register office and church closures.
  • Verify your new date with the venue, with the suppliers and guests. 
  • Change the date on your wedding website to your new wedding date. 
  • Confirm your primary vendors are free for your new date and can still accept your booking. If some of them are not available ask them to get you in touch whom they trust. Vendors are partnering together to help their couples in any way they can.
  • Book your clerk or church. You may not be able to do this for some time. Your wedding is incredibly important, but they may have even more important issues to focus on for now.
  • If you have made a solid decision to cancel your initial date, let your venue and suppliers know and ideally write it in an email after. They can then deliver your date to another couple.

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