Let’s talk on the first date today. The first date as a married couple. When you have climbed Everest of all wedding celebrations and are left alone as husband and wife for the first time. Either you will fell asleep watching Netflix on the couch with friends, or stay up all night drinking, or soak in a bubbly bath just two of you, there is one moral to the beginning of the story: get romantic. 

Because shouldn’t that first date be just as special as the first date when you were still single? Maybe even more special?

So set the mood before! Flirt with each other all day. Remember the first time you went out together? You did not know if you were the right people for each other and your preferences. You know them like the back of your hand. This is your chance to have that “first date” all over again. What a blessing! And now with all this knowledge, you are weaponed. Be charming as on the first dates, make up as if it was the first kiss. 

The wedding romance is not less exciting even if it is not your first time being intimate with each other. Think back to the beginning and try to relieve it. You can listen to the same music you were listening to back then or wear the same perfume. Guys can buy the bride fancy lingerie. Go get a special celebratory breakfast or order room service in the morning. 

Make this time all about you making things together for the first time as husband and wife. Meet the sunset. Dress up and have dinner. Then take a night walk hand-in-hand, drink in the hotel lobby bar. Back to the room for an epic love-making. Falling asleep in each other arms. Becoming more intimate.

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