Meet the spring vibes with an incredible combination of the exotical beauty and classical elegance of new Milla Nova collections. The first beauty explosion was dedicated to the totally new evening line, that emphasized main trending details in feathers, glittery fabrics, and voluminous sleeves.

A glimpse of the Asian atmosphere can be found in the collaboration with an Italian designer Lorenzo Rossi and performed in Milla by Lorenzo Rossi line – light, sophisticated, sexy, but still marvelous and original. Unpredictable silhouettes, no-ordinary patterns of the Thailand campaign are supplemented with unique, specially designed by Efrat Cassouto jewelry.

An apogee of the runway show was a Royal Collection dedicated to the Barocco Age. Grandious, bohemian and majestic hand-crafted dresses were flowing on the runway as invaluable treasures.  Uniquely designed head adornments, like a symbol of a crown, were finalizing a glittering variety of the Royal Collection dresses. The polished and simple, but at the same time elegant and classy make-up and hair looks of the collection were executed with a sponsorship of the Dior Make-up, with a leading artists Adva Elmakias and Adir Jacob.