Postponing your wedding due to COVID-19 spreading is stressful and hurtful. Not only you need to figure out what to do next but also to deal with heart pain of losing your special day.

Of course, someone can tell you that there are worse things in the world happening right now. Or you can blame yourself: how can I be sad about wedding cancellation when there are a lot of people in the world dying right now, dealing with the death of a close person, losing their livelihoods and jobs.

You can be sad. You can be angry. This was meant to be the happiest day of your life and now you just can’t tell when it is going to happen and if it will happen at all. We share your feelings here.

Naturally that if your wedding was scheduled for April 26, the closer to the date the saddest you will feel. Give yourself time to be sad, to cry or whatever you want to do. But then remind that this situation can not be controlled by anyone and will decrease only if we keep all restrictions. There is no point to spend your energy on things you can not influence. Better put it into a wedding re-planning, into rescheduling your guests’ flights and another wedding routine. And place this energy into creating warm nice memories from lockdown.

The ideal scenario in this situation is to have the date rescheduled and the venue to be re-booked for free. But what if you are fighting for the refund? What if the venue can’t promise you the date? What if you have old grandparents who are looking forward to your wedding but now with this uncertainty you are worrying about their well-being?

We talked with our brides and everyone deals with the situation differently and it showed us how creative all of you are. Some of you already booked the date for 2021, some are dealing with refunds battle, some of you have had an online wedding, some changed the venue from abroad ceremony to hometown and hope to gather the closest ones at summer.

We are here for every bride and we want to give you all the support we can. Below are some ideas what you can do as a couple while you are quarantining.

A lot of channels are hunting for couples who got the wedding cancelled and want them to get married at home for a new TV-show. The idea is that couples are getting married online and this is streamed to their family and friends. Just google some shows in your country and take part in if you are interested!

If you had a civil wedding scheduled long ago, some governments still allow you to get married now. If you ever dreamt about the intimate ceremony, the idea of the civil wedding just with your fiancé can happen now! And you will not feel guilty to share this precious moment only for both of you. Afterwards, the church ceremony can be held later with the main celebration and all the guests.

Some couples choose to have a wedding and broadcast it to their guests. Basically you will have everything you planned to have on an offline wedding: the photographer can take your pictures online. Have you seen those FaceTime photoshoots results? They are amazing and you could never say it is not in the studio. The dress can be worn by you. A wedding host can do a virtual ceremony. Caterers can send snacks to your guests.

Even if the rescheduled date is approved, as a couple you still need to celebrate the day your wedding was supposed to be in the first place! Thus you will have two weddings. Dress in your nice dress, white or whatever colour you want, buy some champagne beforehand and make some mimosa for a wedding breakfast. Order takeaway meals all day. Take a walk in the park in your city, if possible. This small recognition of the original date will give you a sense of control, stability and the positivity. You need to have those in your life now for sure.

Enjoy your wedding night! This thing can’t be affected by coronavirus. Pretend that you had the wedding day as it was supposed to be, pop up champagne, eat those strawberries with chocolate and dive in straight to business.

You will get through this. Stick together and support each other. When all of you arrive on the other side well and safe just imagine how more joyful and festive your wedding will be! And though how hurtful this situation is now, your feelings can not be cancelled due to coronavirus.

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