If you still are doubting about throwing a winter wedding, this article is for you.
Milla Nova team has created a full guide on the most important things about winter weddings and pros and cons of this idea. 

Winter weddings have a lot in them: you won’t be a hot mess bride from heat, your guests won’t be tired of all the weddings of the season because, let’s be honest, not that many couples opt to tie the knot during winter. However, it is a very magical time of the year to say “ I do” with crisp weather,  fabulous locations with snow, cozy fireplaces, more intense colour schemes and warming holiday decorations. 

Winter Wedding
Photo by Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash

Just imagine now this remarkable moment telling vows when the nights are darker and longer, the lights are brighter, days are merrier and the atmosphere is overloaded with intimacy. 

But advantages do not end only on the coziness and there is more to add.

  • Less stress 

As all main events will be inside, you avoid stress about wind or rain to ruin the ceremony.
There is a lack of humidity in the winter, for what  your hair and makeup will thank you. 
When it comes to weather, some people seriously don’t deal well in the heat. It makes them irritated, odd, and a sweaty mess. 
Good to remember, that you can always add layers to combat the cold, but in the hotter months, well, you can’t take off your clothes.

  • More free dates are available for wedding in winter

Of course, everything depends on the region/ country, specific dates, but usually after Christmas and New Year festivities there are not that many celebrations. Winter isn’t considered peak wedding season in most areas, so you’ll probably find your suppliers have more availability and usually they have their prices lower in winter. 

This point is also applied to your guests, as they won’t be tired of the wedding season. Likely they will be more inclined to travel and attend weekday wedding if needed, as it is easier  to take a few days off to have a small vacation. 

  • Decorated venue

Very likely that your venues will be already enhanced for the holidays. All those candles, tea lights and fireplaces will add a more celebratory feeling to your special day and may give you a colour theme if you are completely lost in ideas. 
Ask whether you’re allowed to take down the decor for the wedding in case you do not like it.

  • Fewer expenses

If you will have a wedding in the off-season, travel options and accommodations can be cheaper than in summer. 

  • Photos and videos will reach you faster

You are likely to get a wedding album and movie faster because your photographer and videographer will be less busy with other celebrations. 

  • Amazing snowy photos

If you are blessed with some fluffy sprinkling snow on your big day, you will likely receive stunning snowy wedding pictures. 

  • Honeymoon in the tropics

You will pay less for the honeymoon in the off- season and you will have more options to travel. Carribean have hurricanes during summer, but it is perfect spot for winter, as well as Maldives or Bali are too. It is really great and healthy to receive the portion of sun in the winter, can you agree? 

Also we are enclosing some cons of winter weddings which can be a huge deal for you. 

  • Several winter holidays

There are lots of holidays in winter so you need to work around with dates. If you want to get married on New Year or Christmas, lots of people will probably have something planned already unless you book them a lot in advance. 

  • Unpredictable weather

Your white wedding may cancel due to snow falls if those are common in your area. Weather can also affect some guests travelling and arrivals if there will be some unpredicted conditions. 

  • Early sunsets

In some areas there can be dark at 4:00 pm. Remember when planning the timing of the photoshoot and ceremony. 

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